Fiscal Year 2081/2082

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  • Rs. 1,000,000.00

    Initial Balance

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Date: Tue Jul 16, 2024 --- Wed Jul 16, 2025

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How to trade

  1. Registration
    You should be a registered user at sharesansar. Registration is free.

  2. Login

  3. Event
    You can see the list of new events and request for the event in which you want to participate.

  4. Virtual money
    For each event available, an initial virtual money will be available.

  5. Placing an order
    To place an order,click on start trading and type the symbol of the company or a few characters of the symbol. A list will pop up and you can select the company you want to trade on. On selection, its market depth will be displayed. Hit the Buy/Sell button to place an order. Enter the desired quantity to buy/sell.

  6. Order Execution
    If the price in which you want to buy/sell and the price in the market depth matches, then your initial balance will be reduced and the order are placed for T3_Settlement otherwise, the order will be placed in pending orders.

  7. On Demat
    After 5 days of order execution the amount of shares will be placed in your demat account.And then only you can sell your stocks.

  8. Mero Share
    Mero Share provides a summary of your stock holdings for each event.

  9. My Portfolio
    My Portfolio provides a summary of investments, avialable balance, profit earned.

  10. History
    History provides details of all the purchase,sell,cash dividend and fixed deposits .

  11. Chart Analysis
    Company Analysis can be done with the help of charts.

  12. Top Investors
    Top Investors of each event can be seen in the dashboard.

Terms & Condition

    Any participation in Share Kheladi application will constitute acceptance of this agreement.

  2. The events running in the application will have a fixed start and end date.
  3. All the data being used for trading in Share Kheladi is taken from NEPSE website.
  4. Prize will be awarded to the participants with the highest net worth at the end of the event including cash dividend and interest earned from fixed deposit.
  5. Not all events include monetary/non-monetary prize. The description regarding prizes are available in the landing page of the application.
  6. Prize amount is subject to applicable taxes.
  7. Winners will be selected based on their net worth at the end and will be contacted via email.
  8. Share Kheladi won’t be responsible for variations resulting inaccuracies from problems in NEPSE such as website down.
  9. Use of unethical means such as hacking and fake id to win an event will lead to immediate disqualification.
  10. Share Kheladi will not be responsible for the errors in data provided in the application due to the system errors.

Share Kheladi reserves the right to modify these Terms and Condition at any time. We do so by posting and drawing attention to the updated terms on the application.


  1. How can I be a part of the Share Kheladi Contest?
    To be a part of the Share Kheladi Contest, you need to be a registered user of sharesansar. Register/Login to sharesansar and, in the event menu, request for the new event you want to participate in.

  2. How can I trade in any event of Share Kheladi Application?
    You will be a part of any event on the Share Kheladi Application after requesting for the event. First, go to start trading, select the stock symbol, enter the quantity and rate of the stock you want to buy/sell. If the amount and rate match with the data according to the market depth of the stock, the trade will be executed otherwise, the trade will be in the pending section.

  3. Can I be a part of more than one event?
    Yes, you can request to participate in more than one event and be a part of it.

  4. What is Net worth and earn on the dashboard screen?
    Net worth: Net worth provides a snapshot of the participant’s current financial position.
    Net worth = Current Balance + Amount invested in FD + Interest from FD + Amount the participant gets if the stock is sold in current LTP which includes the broker commissions, sebon fee, DP charge, and capital gain tax.
    Earn: Earn is the profit amount that a participant gains from the market. Earn = Net worth – Initial Balance.

  5. Can I invest all my virtual balance in a fixed deposit?
    No, a person cannot invest all the balance in a fixed deposit. Only, a certain percentage of the initial balance can be invested in the FD. The information regarding the amount that can be invested in the FD is available in the FD section.

  6. What is pending cash in my portfolio screen?
    If a participant sells a stock, he/she won’t receive the cash at the same time. They will receive the cash after the T+3 settlement and the cash amount will go to pending cash.

  7. Will I receive the bonus shares and cash dividend as in the case of the real market?
    Yes, if a participant buys a stock before the book closure date, he/she will get the bonus share and cash dividend like in the real market. Bonus shares and cash dividends are added in their account on the book closure date. The participant can trade the bonus shares after T+3 days of the book closure date. Also, the cash dividend will be added to balance after T+3 days.

  8. What is a floor sheet?
    Floor sheet refers to the list of trades that are done by the participants on an event in a day.

  9. Can I sell the stocks on the same day when I bought the stocks?
    No, the participant will have to wait for T+3 days in order to settle the trade. If a participant has bought a stock, he/she needs to wait for T+3 days to sell the stock. And, if a participant has sold a stock, he/she needs to wait for T+3 days to receive the cash.

  10. How can I get maximum profit?
    A proper analysis of the stock and research of the market strategies helps the participant to earn maximum profit and be a top investor.

  11. How can I trade in the LTP event?
    In LTP events, a participant can trade at any time in the LTP price of the stock.

  12. What is Top 10 invested stock in the dashboard screen?
    Top 10 invested stock chart represents the stocks that have been mostly traded by the participants throughout the event.

  13. Today’s Top 5 Buy/Sell
    Today’s Top 5 Buy/Sell section shows the top 5 stocks that are bought and sold in an event on that day.

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